Update #4 - 9th September 1999

I have been very busy of late with so many bits and pieces happening all at once.

I managed to sell all of my old winches and I've now taken delivery of my new ones. Over the last couple of weekends I've been tidying up the areas in the cockpit where they will hopefully be bolted to this weekend.

My good friend, John Lattimore, is going to put a day in this Sunday on the boat. He is going to affix some teak strips to the floor of the steering cockpit as it quite unsafe when stepping from the main cockpit and very easy to lose your footing. John is also going to instal a teak pad to both cockpit coamings to dress them up as the old bolt holes look a bit ordinary since I removed the old unwanted cleats.

The new mast and boom are now progressing quite quickly. They are now painted and the fittings should all go on over the next few days with John Denton of Whalespars hoping to step the new rig in approximately 10 days or so.

John and the team at Whalespar have done a fantastic job and I feel very comfortable that this mast will stand me in good stead. Thank you all very much for that special effort.

The decision on which self-furlers to use has been made and I have selected 2 Furlex units to be self funded but with great support and special consideration from Jan Scholten and the team at Contender Sailcloth (Australia), the importers.

Today I acquired my old mainsail that I had on "Hunter Endeavour" (Polaris). This sail took Morrie and I around Australia (non-stop) in 1994 and whilst having a lot of sentimental value, it is still in very good condition and will serve as an excellent back up mainsail for Solo Globe Challenge 2000. John Quinn inherited the sail when he bought "Polaris" from me in early 1995 and has not used it since. He has very kindly offered to give it back to me. John, you're a champion!!!!!

My public speaking has kept me busy as well with my second presentation to the Goodyear Tyre Company conference at Fraser Island keeping me off the streets for a weekend. There are a number of functions coming up that I've been asked to speak at. Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Kiwianis, Waratah Golf Club and an Australia Day function for the City of Lake Macquarie (approx 400 attendees) all go into the melting pot to keep me on my toes. Tomorrow afternoon I am flying to Ballina to speak at NBN Television's annual sales conference and then straight back early Saturday morning so that I can get stuck back into the work on the boat.

Our daughter, Holly, starts sailing lessons at LMYC this Sunday under the watchful eye of coach, John Henderson. The weapon of choice is a Sabot dinghy, in which she will start off as crew. Holly and I have been out shopping tonight and bought her a little wet suit so that hopefully she won't get too cold.

Well that's enough of me for the time being. My very best regards.

Tony Mowbray