Update #6 - 15th November 1999

Hi there everyone. How goes it all?

Last Saturday night was a great night at Lake Macquarie Yacht Club as some of my good friends and supporters got together to raise some money to help with the purchase of an electronic self steering system. An absolutely good time was had by all with the net result being around $2,700 raised. Activities on the night included a dart's competition with a difference, the old "nearest the bottle of Scotch with a gold coin game", plenty of raffles and an auction of hard to get items.

So many people and organisations helped and if I forget to mention you then I apologise in advance.

Many thanks to -

Welcome to the Endeavour Yacht Association of Australia - a $500 sponsor for a day of my trip. John Anderson is the President of the association and was the prime mover in the decision to sponsor me so a big thanks to John, the members of his executive and the members of the association.

Early on in this project I starting using the phrase: "If it was easy then everyone would do it!"

Lately, there hasn't been enough hours in the day. Monday to Friday has been absolutely chaotic with my work at Shade to Order and when the weekends arrive it does nothing but rain so progress on the boat has been a little slow. When I can get to the boat to do some work it is relatively easy as she is currently in a marina pen that has been very kindly supplied by Marmong Cove Marina at Marmong Point.

Well that's about it for the time being so I'll see you next update.

Tony Mowbray