Update #8 - 30th January 2000


I am out of money and have embarked upon a serious campaign to sign up sponsors. Be they big or small it does not matter as there is plenty of room for everyone (ha ha ha).

This project is absolutely "ripe" and ready to be "picked" so if you can help in any way then NOW is the time to talk to me as I would like to get the kids back up to three feeds a day as soon as possible.

Lorraine (Lucky) my wife keeps asking me how she is going to cope financially whilst I am away and I have told her that she shouldn't have to work much more then 60 hours per week and she can have Sundays off.

There are varying levels of participation available as follows -

  1. Major Sponsor with Naming Rights and virtually "owning" me for the next 18 months
  2. Supporting Second Level sponsorship but still with major involvement and exposure
  3. Sponsor me for 1 week of the trip
  4. Sponsor me for 1 day of the trip
  5. Goods and Services sponsor

Our website www.sailsolo.com outlines in more detail all the various opportunities and I urge to contact me if you are interested in being involved or perhaps you may be able to give me an introduction to a decision maker who can sign the cheques.

Sponsors will definitely get value for money.

Work is progressing at a hectic rate on the boat with some major things happening. The new cabin windows are now in and leak proof at this point in time but we'll see what happens when we put them to a real test.

The Monitor vane is now fully mounted and ready for a trial once we get the steering system back in.

We have removed all the steering components and have either purchased or made new sheaves, chain and wire cables, all new bolts and have had all the various painted parts sand blasted and they are now with Dave Cook at Belmont Smash Repairs for spraying. Generally speaking the system was in reasonable shape considering it had been in place for 16 years but with what it is going to be subjected to, it had to have a birthday.

The new Ronstan genoa tracks and cars are on and looking good as is the case with the new spray dodger.

The Two Handed race to Auckland (NZ) has been delayed until 13th May which is a decision I am comfortable with. When in NZ I hope to visit Rotorua which is a sister city of Lake Macquarie.

I have a great helper most weekends by the name of Barry Rae. Barry lives on his own at Boat Harbour and is a keen sailor and has been of great assistance to me of late as has my mate Keir Enderby.

This weekend sees the preliminary fitting of the solar panel frame along with commencement of the re-installation if the steering system. We will also be fibreglassing over the clear perspex skylight above the starboard side cockpit locker. Many of you will have read about on the website or heard me speak of the drama that a similar skylight on the port side caused us in the '98 Sydney to Hobart when it imploded as we were knocked down and so the starboard side one is now to be strengthened.

We are slowly but surely getting there and I can tell you that I am really looking forward to some serious sea trials to see how the "jigsaw" is coming together.

It's late at night with everyone else in the house tucked up in bed and tomorrow is another day closer to "that" Sunday in October. Take care.

Tony Mowbray