Update #11 - 11th May 2000

The stress of it all !!!!

It is some time since my last update.

I have been just so busy with all the preparation for the Two-Handed Trans-Tasman Race and all the other various bits and pieces that I have not had time to quietly sit down at the keyboard. I am currently in Sydney with the start of the race to Auckland starting in two days time at midday on Saturday. We still have a myriad of tasks to complete before start time.

For the last 4 weeks or so I have had myself under a huge physical and mental workload and stress is at an all time high but somehow it slowly is coming together. I have a nervous anticipation about me as start time draws near, as this will be my first major hit out since the 1998 Sydney-Hobart.

Sponsorship discussions have been continuing as time permits. I am surprised by the lack of creativeness and appreciation of the opportunities that the project presents from some people who are regarded as marketing professionals.

However, I would like to welcome Noel Davies Independent Carpet Store of Bennetts Green as a sponsor of two days of my trip, Christmas day and his birthday in early December. Thank you Noel for your support.

The motor is back in the boat and it was purring like a kitten until I did my very best to wreck it last Wednesday. Barry Rae and myself were returning from Newcastle after having been involved in the media launch of the participating sports for the 2001 Masters Games when disaster struck in the Swansea Channel just as we were to attempt to pass through the bridge. The motor had dropped an alternator belt off which in turn drives the water pump for cooling. In short, I just about blew the motor up, put the boat into Swansea Bridge, which had the potential to at least damage the mast or completely bring it down and then, whilst we in the process of avoiding running aground, I lost one of my anchors!!!

All of this before I have received an invoice for motor refurbishment!! I was not a happy camper!!!

Chris Jolly from Complete Marine Services at Marks Point Marina got it all back on track and at this stage it seems to be OK, but only by the skin of my teeth.

Must go as the job list beckons.

I will try to do an update from New Zealand. Take care.

Tony Mowbray