Update #13 - 7th June 2000

Position - 31 degrees 55 minutes S, 168 degrees 51 minutes E, about 120 nautical miles SSE of Norfolk Island.

Since leaving Whangaroa Harbour on Saturday morning I have copped a belting. I have been working to windward continuously for 4 days in headwinds averaging around 35-40 knots with some blinding rain squalls last night at 50 knots and on Sunday I had 1 burst of 60 knots for 15 minutes. Progress is agonisingly slow. Have only taken 260 nautical miles off the rhumb line course to home which equates to an average of 65 nautical miles per day.

I was a tad nervous to kick off with and this is not quite the weather I would have ordered but at least it is getting it out on the table up front. I might have to put myself on short rations if conditions persist. The boat is performing well (touch wood) have managed to crash off some big bastards out here.

Tony Mowbray