Update #25 - 19th October 2000 (9.45am)
Position - 34° 25' S, 152° 43' E

I've got 648 nm to Snares Island and a 25-30 knot NE breeze behind. I'm taking waves on the beam and a it's a bit bouncy. The boat is performing very well though (touch wood). I have 3 reefs, a #4 up and I'm doing just fine.

There has been a christening at sea. Vicki Engert from 8th Australian Masters Games came up with the nickname "SAL" to give the boat an identity in their newsletter, in which they are tracking my progress ..... so from now on it's SAL.

I did some filming this morning for the documentary. Cecil B.de Mille I am not !!!!

Please do not hesitate to register and send me an e- mail as I really look forward to them.

People say I have a good head for radio, so Wednesday mornings I am on air with David & Tanya on KOFM 102.9, and Friday mornings with Luke and Chief on 1143AM 2HD.

Tony Mowbray