Update #37 - 13th November 2000 (11.20am AEDST, 4.20pm local time)
Position - 50°55' S, 128°33' W

Air temperature - 10 degrees
Water temperature - 7.7 degrees
Barometer - 1000 mb
2200 nm to "The Horn"

Becalmed. Message in a bottle .....

"To the finder of this note - Dear Sir/Madam, my name is Tony Mowbray and I dropped this note/bottle from my yacht Solo Globe Challenger on 13th November, 2000 at position 50°55' S, 128°33' W (which is approximately 2200 nm west of Cape Horn). I am attempting to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world. I departed Lake Macquarie via Newcastle on the East Coast of Australia on the 15th October, 2000 and am sailing east around the globe. I expect to return to Lake Macquarie in April, 2001. I would make me very pleased and excited if you were to contact me and advise the location and date of your finding of this note. I eagerly look forward to your response."

I then gave all contact details and mentioned that in the event that they may like to visit our wonderful city that I was sure that Ken McLeod would give them an open ended bar account at no cost and that Russell Cummings would accommodate them at his home for as long as they would like to stay. Good on you fellas .....

Take care,

Tony Mowbray