Update #56 - 20th December 2000

From Kier Enderby
Tony's good mate


You forgot to mention some other BAs. What about BAwdy, BAnal, BAnkrupt, BAld and just plain BAd? And don't leave out the UNs - UNwashed, UNusual, UNyielding, UNpretentious, UNladylike and doing the UNthinkable? UNlike your good self I'll be UNreasonably UNrestrained & UNreservedly UNchaste over Xmas, it could even be my UNdoing. I'm a BAbbling BAstard BAwling BAlderdash. You give good email. Lots of people round world tUNing in to your progress, keep it up! You're so far away, amazing how easy to keep in touch, it would be very different without it.

Wish you blue skies, 15-20 knots for Xmas then a day or two of rain and no wind to top up tanks. We'll all be thinking of you. Keep safe, stay focused, keep climbing mountain, don't waste fresh water on UNderclothes.

Luby K