Update #74 - 14th February 2001 (1.00am AEDST, 2.00pm local time)
Position - 38°11' S, 05°55' W

Air temperature - 19 degrees
Wind - NW at 40 knots
6,932 miles to Tasmania

Here in my 43 foot fibreglass cocoon I sit
Storm boards in and hatch a good tight fit
Down here where they make the wind and waves best
"Sal" and I have returned for the final 8,000 mile test
'Tis a good steady 40 from the north-west
A small amount of headsail is best
The mainsail is down, to the boom is tightly lashed
BANG!! Another wave hits, you sort of get used to being bashed
My singular small isolated world exists down below
The bunk, the stove, the charts, the radio
So onwards "Sal" pushes to Tassie and up the East Coast
Headed toward the town and people we love the most

Take care,

Tony Mowbray