Update #76 - 16th February 2001 (3.58am AEDST, 4.58pm local time)
Position - 39°42' S, 00°00' E

Solo Globe Challenger has just crossed the Prime Meridian of Longitude, taking us from WEST to EAST of Greenwich. We crossed the International Date Line on day #14 and it is now day #126, so we have been paddling around west of Greenwich for 112 days. All new territory for me! Being east is another indicator of our inching toward home. Tassie is 6,588 miles away and it is worthy of note that in another 25 miles, our journey will be exactly 2/3 complete. We now also move another hour ahead so that we are now 10 hours behind AEDST.

The weather has settled now from the 36 hour paddy whacking we received from the NW at 40-50 knots. The last 36 hours has provided us with a SW breeze around 20 knots ..... just ducky, thank you very much!

What did think you of Mark Schroder's poem? I know I'm biased, but I just love it. Each time I read it I like it more. Thanks Schrodes. Whenever I record my feeble poetic efforts I receive a couple of shining examples from either Keir Enderby or Hilary Heanly. My mate Tony Purkiss reckons they all should have a "poem off" ..... ha ha!!!

Nyvonne Newell and Hilary Heanly have also responded to the call to try and raise some money for the John Hunter Children's Hospital NICU and are, independently of each other, trying to put together fundraising nights. Thank you girls. Stay tuned for more info.

My wife Lorraine sent me an e-mail today and amongst other things told me that Jordan cries for me and poor Holly had a panic attack at school. I cry as I type. Take me home "Sal"!!

Take care,

Tony Mowbray