Update #81 - 7th March 2001 (5.00pm AEDST, 10.00am local time)
Position - 44°40' S, 57°22' E

3,850 miles to Tasmania
250 miles NE of the Crozet Island Group

Psst! KOOEE (COMMUNICATIONS) ..... anyone there?

Kevvie and Frankie Babe here. You know, the big fella's imaginary friends. He's asleep (not even cute now). We've been watching him on this computer and we thought we'd sneak a go.

Frankie Babe and I have had an "interesting" trip with him. We have to do all the night watches plus if it's over 20 knots he sends us on deck for sail changes. He was on deck a fair bit in the tropics (it was nice then) but he just swanned around whinging about the heat and kept asking us to get him a drink.

Frankie Babe wants me to tell you about the "wind". We're not talking nor-west gales on deck but "southerly busters" down below!!! That poor Gary Telford lent him his woollen thermal pants and we reckon Tony's absolutely blown 'em to bits. There's no doubt he's world class, although he says his brother, Trevor, beats him hands down.

Table manners. Another tale. No conversation whatsoever when there's BI-LO food around and he's really going to have to stop using his fingers when he gets back. Last night he told us one joke for the 7th time on the trip. Poor guy can't tell a joke to save his life so we just politely laugh and act like we haven't heard it before. Probably a lot like you guys back home have to act with him. Cecil B de Mille he is not! Always shoving that SONY camera in our faces even though we keep reminding him that we're invisible to everyone else.

One trick we really like playing on him is when he goes up the bow to change sails around and we're down the back, we hook a rope over a cleat or tie it off again after he has checked initially that they're all free. After much colourful language he comes clomping back, unhooks it and goes forward again. It really is good fun!

I think I just heard a yawn from that "pit" he calls a bunk, so we'd better pack up. Kevvie and Frankie Babe signing off.

Take care,

Kevvie and Frankie Babe