Update #87 - 25th March 2001 (4.00pm AEST, 2.00pm local time)
Position - 45°13' S, 115°15' E

Air temperature - 9 degrees
Water temperature - 10 degrees

KOOEE (COMMUNICATIONS) ..... anybody out there?

The fourth Cape is rounded! At 3.09pm AEST Sunday 25th March, Solo Globe Challenger crossed longitude 115°10' E, 650 miles south of Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia. We now have one more Cape to round, being South East Cape at the bottom of Tasmania, another 1,353 miles east.

Today is the anniversary of my father's (William Henry, "Bill") death in 1982. He lost his fight one day before his 76th Birthday. I dedicate my rounding of Cape Leeuwin to him. I hope he's watching from some place and keeping an eye on me.

It's been kinder weather in the last few days with steady running in SW-W-NW breeze, which has contributed to "Sal" racking up her highest week's mileage of 1,010 miles, just topping the 1,006 miles we did in week four.

For the last few days there has been an ugly low pressure system just ahead, pumping out 55 knot southerlies and a slow moving high pressure 400 miles north of us. The high has been stalling the advancing low pressures and pushing them SE (away from me). I've been in the middle with the "hammer down" trying to take as much advantage as I can.

My hands are a bit of a mess at present with varying cuts, abrasions, swelling and stiffness. I belted my left ring finger TWICE in the SAME spot (within 10 minutes of each other) with the hammer in an air temperature of just 6 degrees whilst repairing the spray dodger a few days ago. Not a pretty sight! I think I said "Oh dash it all, I've hit my finger".

Tassie here we come!

Take care,

Tony Mowbray