In early 1998 I was looking for a deserving organisation that I could provide some assistance to through the efforts of Solo Globe Challenge 2000.

I was quietly investigating a number of possibilities, determined to make the right choice, when it was suggested I meet some of the people from The John Hunter Children's Hospital to see whether or not they may be worthy recipients.

Here are some of the facts I discovered about The John Hunter Children's Hospital -

1998 saw the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit admit 1268 premature babies. These little wonders came from all over the state, as the Hospital admits them on a rotational basis. With over 7,000 inpatients per year, 15,000 children seen in Paediatric Emergency, 1,300 operations and 15,000 kids seen in clinics, it is no wonder resources are stretched. The Government can only pay for just so much and this is where projects such as my Solo Globe Challenge 2000 can assist. Some Neonatal Intensive Care facts are -

The John Hunter Children's Hospital does fantastic work with ill children and I urge you to support them with a donation or the initiation of your own fundraising activity. If you would like to assist, or would like more information then please contact me via my contact page.

Will you take up the challenge?

People wishing to make a donation should send a cheque made out to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), to the following address. Please include a note to say that it is to go towards Tony Mowbray's Solo Globe Challenge 2000 efforts.

Nerida Walker
Fundraising Manager
John Hunter Hospital
Locked Bag 1
Hunter Region Mail Centre