In the Southern Ocean

Sydney/Hobart '98 damage - bent pushpit, broken mast, port side stanchions gone

The rubber duckie arrives from HMAS Newcastle - Sydney/Hobart '98

A picture speaks 1,000 words! - Sydney/Hobart '98

Solo Globe Challenger - sad return via road from Sydney/Hobart '98

Crew and family of Solo Globe Challenger with Cmdr. Hamilton onboard HMAS Newcastle

The old mast - now at the bottom of Bass Strait

Solo Globe Challenger - out of the water for some TLC. Note her beautiful curves

The Kartoon Kids

Disabled sailboat purchased through Tony's fundraising

Card from teenagers

Card from appreciative parents

The start of the Around Australia trip - 20 March 1994

Tony with Holly, Jordan and Lorraine - 13 May 1994

My good friend Keir Enderby who shares most of my adventures

"Biggles" Purkiss doing his three favourite things - eating, drinking black beer and sitting down!

Tony pursuing his passion

Morrie on guard (note the stunning attire) - Around Australia '94

Hard on the wind in all her glory

Tony - tired and in need of a shave

The old mast on a box trailer!

The crew of OzFire at the finish of the Sydney/Hobart '91

Batsey, Tony, HamBone, Camel, Function, Huge, Gussey Poo, Pom, Chicken Man, Douggie, Pag, Pato - Sydney/Hobart '92

Chris Nicholson - double world 5o5 champion, triple world 49'er class champion, gold medal contender at Sydney Olympics - launches Solo Globe Challenge 2000

Holly and Jordan with their big catch

The handsome couple - Tony and Lorraine

OzFire Brisbane/Gladstone '93 - smokin'!

Monitor Self Steering System - a long way to go

Morrie with the Catch of the Day - Around Australia '94

Tony and favourite boy, in the garage

"The Weapon" - new as at October,1999

Mainsail controlled from cockpit - note Coursemaster Autopilot control

General view from forward

Hinged hatch removed and ready for bolted down fixed skylight

Completely refurbished steering system

Coursemaster Autopilot pump and linear drive connected to steering system

Navigation area (August, 2000) - heaps more gear to install yet

Navigation made easy
The world is going down on me

Moulded permanent hatch cover

Mainsail slide system from Ronstan - runs like a swiss clock

My faithful helper, Barry Rae - always there to help, brings his own lunch (and mine) and never complains

Mainsheet system - Ronstan blocks copied from "Polaris"

General view from aft

Safety harness - on this your life depends

Rope and sail locker - starboard side of cockpit

Backup metho stove will attach to top of gas stove

Deck layout at mast base - all headsail and spinnaker control lines

The juice - 4 x 110 a/h sealed lead acid - 2 more carried as backup

Tony Mowbray ..... computer wizz

The electronics panel including Sony digital cameras for making the documentary

Steve Chapman giving Tony a helping hand

Tony's endless food supply courtesy of Bi-Lo

Tony appearing on Good Morning Australia

Anthony Paterson (Pato) making some "delicate" adjustments to Tony's stove

Tony and his alarm clock

The goodbye - Tony farewells his wife Lorraine and kids, Holly and Jordan

Last minute goodbyes

Solo Globe Challenger leaving Queen's Wharf Brewery

Gary Telford emerges from the water after helping Tony depart (not so smoothly)

The Solo Globe Challenge 2000 is under way