Update #15 - 28th June 2000
Only 109 days before we sail!

Just been to the launch of the website of the 8th Australian Masters games that are to be held here in Newcastle in October, 2001. The good people at Newcastle & Hunter Events Corporation tell me that they expect over 12,000 competitors with a total of 20,000 visitors throughout the games. All the staff are working very hard to make the games a success and I recommend you have look at their site, www.nhevents.com.au , and think about registering to compete. The progress of Solo Globe Challenger will also be tracked on their website.

Nothing like jumping right in at the deep end to find out if you sink or swim! I arrived home from NZ on Wednesday 14th June amidst a very ordinary personal financial situation and so just to add another dimension, on Tuesday 20th June, I resigned my position at C & KA Flanagan Sailmakers. I no longer have any form of regular income. I'm not going to die wondering am I?

It really was an easy decision. The amount that I can earn in the 15 weeks before departure is about 20% of what I need to get the project through to completion in mid April. Also, I have so much to do on the boat that the 5 days a week required to be spent working for an employer would make it all too difficult.

The financial side of the project must be taken care of and I am now going to focus all of my efforts on seeking sponsorship. For 3 years I have consciously eroded my asset base to get the project this far and the marketing vehicle is now there, primed and ready, full of unique opportunities.

Newcastle Precision Engineering have come aboard as a day sponsor for $500 and so a big thank you to Sandy Hidas and his team.

The fundraiser at LMYC last Saturday night was heaps of fun with a lot of hard work from a great team of supporters.

Take care.

Tony Mowbray