Update #16 - 15th July 2000
Only 91 days before we sail!

The last couple of weeks have seen a huge effort go into the production of a Major and a Supporting Sponsorship proposal and subsequent distribution to various companies and individuals for their consideration. The finished product is fantastic and I need to thank the following for their assistance -

All the above have contributed significantly and I really am lucky to have their support.

Lake Macquarie City Council have engaged us to provide a number of services to them which include advertising their new logo on the boat, interviews from the boat to allow posting of the audio to their website. I am a very proud resident of the City of Lake Macquarie and am pleased to be able to assist with the promotion of the city.

Welcome aboard to Doc Lawson of Sun Shade Australia as sponsor for a day of the trip.

Resignation from my employment meant return of my company supplied vehicle. This has made things a little tough on the transport front at home with me having to use Lorraine's car to get around in while leaving her, Holly and Jordan housebound.

Barry Gamer of Gamers Motor Auctions has solved the problem by sponsoring me for the use of a vehicle up until departure. 'Tis a great feeling when you meet someone like Barry who immediately understands and relates to the passion that I have for this project. The look in the eye and the firm handshake say it all. Thank you very much Barry.

The 8th and 9th of July saw the 2nd Newcastle Boat Show take place. At the invitation of Damien Hurt of Hirecraft Marine Toronto, I presented 2 speaking sessions each day on an honorary basis and managed to get approximately $300 for The John Hunter Children's Hospital by having each audience sign the sail and make a donation. Each presentation centred on the 1998 Sydney to Hobart race and at the end of each day I was emotionally drained.

Tuesday 11th July saw me at Club Phoenix for a presentation to Mayfield Rotary with another $80 or so for the hospital.

I am going to be so glad to get out there on the 15th October ..... bring it on!

See you all soon.

Tony Mowbray