Update #17 - 28th July 2000
Only 79 days before we sail!

Yesterday was the worst day I have had trying to cope with the financial pressure of the project. I am sick and tired of talk, talk, talk, and still more talk! I feel like a groveller (is that a word, and if so, is that how you spell it?).

I have a few prospects for some significant sponsorship but I am amazed at the lack of foresight, vision, planning and procrastination of some so called marketing professionals. I've told the odd one or two that they are in the wrong job. I'm a shocker, aren't I?

Today, however, is different. Today is a watershed day. This morning it was freezing but I decided that I needed to get out on the boat on my own and do some serious thinking. So at 7.00am, Solo Globe Challenger and I headed out onto Belmont Bay where we spent 3 hours wandering around with me jumping up and down in the cockpit to try and keep warm.

One must continually adapt and roll with the punches on a project such as this one and so I am now creating and enacting plan "B" just in case plan "A" doesn't work out the way I have envisaged.

My absolute critical money position has lead me to decide that I will delve into certain financial areas that I decided 3 years ago that I would not venture into and to also drastically reassess my list of necessities versus luxuries for the trip.

As an example, I badly need a new mainsail worth about $4,000. I have dragged out an old one from the dark recesses of my garage and with a bit of care and attention I can get a few miles out of it and coupled with the other 2 old ones I have, we will make do.

If sailing around the world solo, non-stop and unassisted was easy then everyone would do it. Did you know that more people have been onto space?

On the 15th October at 1.00pm my boat and I are going to "take it on" regardless.

Tony Mowbray