Update #23 - 16th October 2000 (8.00am)
Position - 34° 06' S, 152° 19' E

I am approximately 60 nm ESE of Sydney. The wind is blowing 20-25 knots from SSW. There is 1052 nm to the bottom of New Zealand.

What a day yesterday. After 3½ years of planning and work it is now happening. That was such a fantastic send off by so many well wishers. Everything is working well so far (touch wood). I managed to grab some sleep last night but only in ½ hour naps since I had to get up to check for ships.

The last few weeks have seen so much work and effort by so many helpers. Thank you all.

After the big send off, I was very pensive as I sailed along the coast towards Moon Island. It was one extreme to the other ..... the big crowd, turning the corner at Nobby's and you're on your own. To console myself I am eating my way through some BI-LO rock cakes.

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Tony Mowbray