Update #35 - 9th November 2000 (12.00pm AEDST)
Position - 51°00' S, 141°11' W

NW wind - 30 to 35 knots
Air temp - 8 degrees
Water 6.8 degrees
Barometer - 1005 mb and falling
2650 nm to "The Horn"

KOOEE (COMMUNICATIONS) ..... anyone out there.

Okay, okay, Banjo Patterson I may not be! A big thank you to today's daily sponsor The Endeavour 26' Yacht Association. My other daily sponsors since Day #1 are EJE Architecture, Metalcorp Recyclers, Hirecraft Marine, Winning Appliances, Gamers Motor Auctions, Sun Shade Australia, Citizen Watches, Lake Constructions and Getaway Sailing Adventures.

Currently we are reaching before a fresh 30-35 knot NNW with another cold front hunting us down. I expect this new dispenser of wind, cold and discomfort to be here early this evening with around 40+ knots from the NW. Currently have a #4 up and are making 7.5 knots due E. There is no shortage of wind for the last week.

Melbourne Cup day came and went. I tried to get a sweep going but there was a distinct lack of participants. Kevvy reckons he couldn't find his wallet while Frankie babe says he didn't even bring his and I sure don't accept cheques out here! My good friends Peter and Hilary Heanly (Ruff 'n Tumble) went to The Cup and were going to back "Arctic Owl" for us as they thought it had a good show. I think it might still be running!!!

The time difference is starting to have an effect (we are 4 hours ahead). It will continue to get worse until it will eventually be midnight AEDST, but midday wherever I am.

I broke out the rolled oats for brekky two days ago, however the great unsolved mystery of where the sultanas and the main stash of lollies were put is yet to be cracked. I'm still sleeping a lot at night and doing a lot of reading during the day. I wouldn't miss this for the world. I reckon it's heaps better than mowing the lawn or going to work!

Thank you for your interest and support,

Tony Mowbray