Update #44 - 24th November 2000 (1.00pm AEDST, 8.00pm local time)
Position - 51°07' S, 98°05' W

John Denton and Ian Nichol of Whalespars at Peats Ridge build world class yacht masts (they built "Sal's" mast a little over a year ago) and I highly respect their opinion. John has e-mailed me in regards to my problem as follows -

I currently have the top section (where the wires attach) of the chainplate taking no load at all. I did think about trying to get it back into service, but the further I went with my repairs the harder it became to backtrack. However, we now have to do just that.

After John's e-mail today, I had another look at the situation (they are top notch these guys, and one would be foolish to dismiss their opinion lightly) and in doing so I noticed that a rigging wire ABOVE the bottom spreader has now been affected by all the bits that I've added down lower. The V2 is now pulling so that the wire is not aligned correctly to the swage fitting. Make no mistake, it would work harden and break if left unattended causing the rig to come down. So, we start work again to try and implement John's recommendation, and in so doing, get the V2 to realign itself correctly.

Down below, earlier this afternoon, I hacked and chopped more cupboards and timber out to get increased access to the chainplate. I've worked out a list of things to be done starting in the morning. This new lot of work is not cause for immediate alarm, but if not done, would definitely jeopardise our chances of success, so back on the tools.

No matter what you say, it still beats mowing the lawn or going to work!!

Have a good weekend,

Tony Mowbray