Update #90 - 4th April 2001 (4.30pm AEST)
Position - 44°09' S, 144°57' E

85 miles to South East Cape

I haven't sighted Oz as yet since visibility is a shocker, combined with the weather pushing me ESE away from the nearest part of Tassie.

The NW breeze freshened throughout the afternoon yesterday, and at 4.00pm I dropped the mainsail (it's still down) and spent the night getting paddywhacked by this 40 knot nor-wester. Today it has continued at the same strength as a new cold front is approaching, working it's way around to the west and then SW. It has been another wild night and day. I'm sure the big fella that doles out the cold fronts checks me every now and then, and if I appear to be enjoying myself, he slings one my way!

I last saw a piece of Australia on the day I departed. It's just up ahead. Bring it on!! Show it to me!!

Take care,

Tony Mowbray