Update #91 - 5th April 2001 (2.40pm AEST)
Position - 43°43' S, 146°49.5' E

At eleven minutes to ten this morning,
Solo Globe Challenger was at position 43°43' S, 146°49.5' E ..... therefore South East Cape has been rounded. That's #5 and the last for the trip.

I am now sliding up the side of Tassie heading towards Storm Bay and the well known mark of the course in the Sydney-Hobart race, Tasman Island. I still have reasonable sea running, but in comparison to where I've been in the last 53 days, this is like Lake Macquarie.

Richard Bennett, the world renowned photographer, has just flown out and snapped off a heap of photos of "Sal" sailing. A big thank you to Lake Macquarie and Newcastle City Councils for funding Richards work. KEIR ENDERBY'S efforts in organising it all are greatly appreciated by myself also. Thanks mate.

It's been a big one, encountering land AND an aeroplane all in the one day.

Take care,

Tony Mowbray